Neural networks and Machine Learning By Marius Yamakou Neural Networks with time delayed connections Neurons communicate […]
Stochastic Synchronization of Chaotic Neurons By Marius Yamakou   Real biological neurons can show chaotic dynamics […]
Nonlocal population balance equations and applications By Michele Spinola Motivational example: look ahead behavior of car […]
Inverse Design For Hamilton-Jacobi Equations By Carlos Esteve, Enrique Zuazua In many evolution models, the reconstruction […]
Stochastic Neural Dynamics By Marius Yamakou Neural activity shows fluctuations and unpredictable transitions in its dynamics. […]
Controllability properties of fractional PDE By Umberto Biccari   Controllability of the fractional heat equation Let […]
Flows on Networks By Enrique Zuazua, Nicola de Nitti   PDE models on Networks In the […]
Stochastic optimization for simultaneous control By Umberto Biccari   What is a simultaneous control problem? Consider […]
Convexity and Starshapedness of feasible sets in Stationary Flow Networks By Martin Gugat, Michael Schuster   […]
Collective dynamics modelling, Control and Simulation By Dongnam Ko   Collective dynamics Herds, packs, bird flocks, […]

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Probabilistic Constrained Optimization on Flow Networks By Michael Schuster Uncertainty often plays an important role in the context of flow problems. We analyze a stationary and a dynamic flow model with uncertain boundary data and we consider optimization problems with probabilistic constraints in this context. The […]
Perceptrons, Neural Networks and Dynamical Systems By Sergi Andreu // This post is last part of the “Deep Learning and Paradigms” post Binary classification with Neural Networks When dealing with data classification, it is very useful to just assign a color/shape to every label, and so be able to visualize […]
Deep Learning and Paradigms By Sergi Andreu // This post is the 2nd. part of the “Opening the black box of Deep Learning” post Deep Learning Now that we have some intuition about the data, it’s time to focus on how to approximate the functions that […]
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